Update on Covid 19 - 1st June 2021

CCovid-19 –  Updated visiting arrangements for our care homes

June 1st, 2021

Internal visits
We are now allowing 5 nominated visitors for each resident. This means that the resident can nominate up to 5 different family/ friends, but we are only allowing one visit per day (up to 2 of the nominated visitors at a time). These will be up to one hour slots and you will still need to have a Lateral flow test completed before visiting (please speak to the home for more information).

Outside visiting
Changes to external visits:-

We will continue to facilitate external visits with the following guidelines: -
We have implemented that you will need to have a Lateral flow test before you take them out – see self testing above.
You will only be able to keep the external visit to 2 of the nominated visitors and both will need to be tested.
Please do not visit internal areas or a family home you can only do external visits such as garden visits, public gardens, beach etc and also a drive in the car. If this happens your relative will need to isolate for 10 – 14 days. We would appreciate that you tell us where you intend to visit so that we can track external visits.
You cannot meet in groups which means that you cannot arrange for an outside gathering or family members – we are reliant on trust from you as the nominated visitor to protect your loved one and those other residents that they live with.
When you take your relative out of the home you must
Wash hands regularly
Keep social distancing
Remain outside – you must not enter another person’s home etc unless it is to use a toilet

We are also still allowing POD visits in some home, please speak to he individual home for more detail

Please note:-
Residents who have tested positive, or who have COVID-19 symptoms, must self-isolate and would therefore not be able to leave the care home. In the event of an outbreak, all residents must self-isolate, and visits out will be suspended to prevent the spread of the virus as will all other visits to the Care Home.
I cannot stress how important it is that we as a Provider are trusting you with the lives of your loved one and those that they live with and we ask that you adhere strictly to the guidelines.
If you would like to arrange an external visit – please call the home for further information
With the new variant spreading across the North east we ask that you work with us in protecting your loved ones and our staff.

Our staff remain to have their PCR weekly test and also carry out the Lateral flow tests twice a week, with residents having theirs every 28 days in line with Government guidance.  If any tests for your loved one proves positive we will inform you as soon as possible.  This will mean that they will have to isolate for 14 days and will not be allowed out of their room in that period.  As you know this does prove more difficult with those with dementia and we endeavour to facilitate as much isolation as we can under the circumstances.

The Home Manager may have to cancel visits at short notice should we have an outbreak of COVID 19 in the home or if instructed by the Government or Public Health England but we will try to give you as much notice as possible. Please do not visit if you or any family member living in your home have any symptoms or have COVID 19.

New Admissions

We are continuing to accept new admissions into our homes and have robust admission procedures in place with all new admission being isolated for 14 days.  They are tested before admission whether they come from the community or the hospital and they must have a negative test result before admission.

Health and Safety

To ensure that we are keeping our residents and staff safe, our staff are wearing masks at all times and have access to hand washing stations throughout our homes. We have an extensive stock of PPE available in all homes and also extra stock at our head office in Gateshead.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the home or on the central email address accounts@exclusivecaregroup.co.uk

Choosing a Care Home for either yourself, a relative or a friend can be extremely difficult and stressful and we understand this. Our aim is to maintain and improve the quality of life and independence for each of our Residents.

We can assist and ease any concerns you may have. We have a selection of Care Homes throughout the North East which have all the amenities expected in a well-run organisation.

We offer the highest standards of care and accommodation and our care ranges from residential, nursing, dementia and Young Physically disabled. Our Home Managers have a wealth of experience and are highly qualified. They will arrange for you to have a full pre-admission assessment which will be person-centred to ensure we meet all your personal needs.